Financial services for small and medium-sized businesses

Wfs does not sell standard products, but instead provides custom-made services with a personal approach and a clear analysis of requirements and opportunities.

As a partner for entrepreneurs and an external expert for the financial world, Wfs is the expert link between entrepreneurs and financial backers.

Wfs is entirely independent: entrepreneurs pay a fee for services, which ensures that interests are always clear.


Accountants, tax consultants and other advisors

Professional collaboration

Wfs values collaboration with accountants and tax consultants in order to translate the latest legislation and regulations into custom-made solutions for customers. Whether or not in conjunction with other parties, Wfs helps to form corporate strategy and organisational structure.

Using the expertise concerning financing, Wfs can accelerate negotiations with financiers.

With our versatile network in the financial world, Wfs gets proposals immediately to decision-makers, thus breaking through the dependence on local banks. Wfs’ international network provides additional opportunities for foreign financing.