Financial services for small and medium-sized businesses

Wfs does not sell standard products, but instead provides custom-made services with a personal approach and a clear analysis of requirements and opportunities.

As a partner for entrepreneurs and an external expert for the financial world, Wfs is the expert link between entrepreneurs and financial backers.

Wfs is entirely independent: entrepreneurs pay a fee for services, which ensures that interests are always clear.


Willaert Financial Services

Wfs is a services company with all-round financial expertise. We execute cutting edge projects with both money and people involved. These types of projects should only be executed by real experts.

Wfs means communication 
Instead of products and commissions, customer requirements take centre stage in the services provided. Therefore, each project starts with an intensive discussion so that we get to know one another. No standard questions or forms are involved here, instead we focus on getting acquainted.

In this discussion, both the entrepreneur and company feature extensively. Wfs will examine whether the company can be of service. No fee is involved for this initial discussion.

Wfs stands for collaboration
Wfs believes in collaboration with financiers such as banks, informal investors, and venture capitalists as well as accountants, tax consultants, and lawyers. At Wfs, customers profit from an extensive network in the financial world, both in the Netherlands and abroad; this network consists of versatile and high-level contacts. Wfs has internal as well as external knowledge of the banking industry and employs this knowledge in a sound and reliable manner.

Wfs has a long-term focus
We pursue long-term, sustainable solutions that take people further. No-one benefits from ad hoc advice, particularly entrepreneurs. Financial servicing is based on trust and tailor-made solutions.

After all, it’s not just a company’s core activity that will have a key influence on its operational and financial management: the character of the entrepeneur is another key factor. Therefore, WFS believes that standard solutions do not apply.